There are hundreds of programs that offer to make you rich. In our generation, we would eventually know something if it’s a legit program or if it’s just another scam. The AZ Code is a program which promises to help people earn up to $5, 000 per day through affiliate marketing. Although affiliate marketing is truly lucrative, it’s still kind of hard-to-believe what this product claims. We will be having this AZ Code review to see whether the product is really something you should even think about or not.

Who created the program and why did he create it?

Andrew Peterson is the person who created AZ Code. Although not a lot of things can really be found about Mr. Peterson except that he struggled financially. All that’s online is that he created AZ Code as a system to himself when he was experiencing some sort of a financial crisis.

When he made this program, he thought of sharing the so-called secret to the world to help other people and his peers become successful.

How Does the AZ Code Work?

The AZ Code is not a system you would install and would generate automatic income. It actually is a complete guide; a 70-page PDF eBook is divided into 4 parts. As per the author, this allows users to better understand how affiliate marketing works.

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What are the four parts?

Part 1: Auto Product Search

This part explains the techniques for finding the right products for you to promote. It will, of course, lead to commissions when these products are actually sold. With literally thousands of products to choose from, you will have the chance to find the right product for you to earn money. By the way, the level of commissions varies.

Part 2: Auto Website Builder

After you get the choose the right products to promote, you will need your own website to put it on. Links to the products you promote are provided to you by Amazon. These are then to be placed on your website. These links are clicked and when a sale is done, a percentage of the revenue will be sent to you as commission.

The AZ Code will help you build your website with the Auto Website Builder so you don’t have to worry.

Part 3: Auto Traffic Generator

The AZ Code system claims that it can help generate traffic to your website. Earning commissions from Amazon is not possible if you do not have traffic on your website because, how can people know about your product without people flooding your pages?

With the Auto Traffic Generator, you do not have to worry about traffic to your website, the AZ Code will do it for you. The more traffic you have, the higher chances of sales.

 Part 4: Click-Cart Website Online

Simply activate the website, then you are good to go. As explained by the creator and the website itself, you will now start to earn money. Although that’s quite unreasonable and too assuming, it’s being optimistic which will help people in the long-run.

Based on the parts discussed, this is an amazing program that offers not just access the system, but a series of free live trainings, guides, and tutorials to help you start your Amazon affiliate business. People who tried purchasing the product has made AZ Code reviews to prove what they’ve experienced. Although a majority of the testimonials are negative, there are some who said that the program delivers.

The interface is easy-to-navigate; beginners will not have a hard time using and understanding it. The AZ Code also has a 24/7 customer service support where you can call for questions or help if you get stuck somewhere.

What are the advantages of the AZ Code?

  • It offers free live trainings, eBook guides, and tutorials on being a successful affiliate marketer;
  • The program has tips on how to generate traffic. Moreover, it has the auto traffic generator which can be beneficial in generating sales and income;
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee is offered so there is no risk in purchasing the product;
  • The platform contains thousands of affiliate marketers you can add to your network. You can ask them for suggestions, techniques, and tips in becoming an affiliate marketer;
  • The program is generally affordable. At $37, you get all of the things above.

What disadvantages does the AZ Code have?

  • Although there are a lot of content when you purchase, it’s still not a sure way of earning thousands of dollars;
  • The website and the author does not contain information to back-up their facts;
  • It is not easy to do affiliate marketing. The AZ Code might make you feel it is but, in reality, it’s a challenge and it’s not for everyone; and
  • The system is online, therefore you need to be connected to the Internet to be able to use it.

Final Verdict

The AZ Code is kind of an impossible thing if you think of it, at first. It promises profit of thousands of dollars each month but you only have to pay $37. It’s quite sketchy to think of it, at the very least but it definitely isn’t a scam because you get trainings, guides, and tutorials.

It might not make its promise but if you’re someone who is taking the path of earning money online, then the AZ Code can be a complement to what you want to learn. This AZ Code review is made to provide you as much information as possible.

A lot of people have tried it and they’re enjoying the idea. However, there are also some who left negative comments about the system, saying that it promises nothing but continuous subscriptions to different products and websites. Nevertheless, it has a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can withdraw your purchase if you think that it’s not for you.

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