The Red Tea Detox is not a consumable product. Instead, it is a detox diet that uses a special tea mix to aid in weight-loss and fat-loss. The recipe of this detox cannot be bought from your local drugstores. However, the ingredients are available at your local supermarket or grocery store. In this Red Tea Detox review, we will be investigating whether this diet is something you should even be considering in losing weight and in being healthy.

We will take a closer look at what Miller’s program is all about. We’ll see what ingredients are found in the mix of the tea, how it can benefit us, what their customers have to say, literally everything you need to know about the product.

All you need to know about red tea

Red tea is a known antioxidant responsible for the thorough cleansing and revitalization of our bodies. Most people know it from Asian restaurants and cuisines as the main drink that Asian ancestors drank to keep them looking and feeling young.

The program is primarily based on this context. It aims to provide sufficient and relevant information to concoct an overall drink to help detoxify, rejuvenate, and make a person feel lighter and more alive.

Who is Liz Swann Miller?

Liz Swann Miller is the known author of this detox eBook. According to her, she risked her life for this specific “cup of tea” to share and spread the knowledge she has with red tea. She created the program last March 2017 and since then, a lot of people got curious about what the program has to offer.

There are many different reviews that Liz Swann Miller isn’t real. Most of these claims say that the photos in her packages are just stock photos. Even if that’s the case, there are Red Tea Detox reviews that say otherwise.

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What is Red Tea Detox?

Red Tea Detox is a guide to weight-loss that lets you shed off 1 pound per day without heavy exercise. You simply have to follow the diet plan including the tea in the meal, and it will give you the guarantee that you will burn fat easily and quickly.

The system is actually a combination of three (3) important parts. The eating plan is the first one; the workout (optional) is the second and lastly, the motivational booklet.

In the guide, you will be shown how to prepare the tea. Do not be fooled because it may look easy, but it would normally take around 20-30 minutes to prepare. As a requirement, you would need to drink 6 cups of tea per day. Another thing you can do to make the drink more appealing is to mix the Red Tea Detox ingredients into other drinks like smoothies, coffee, and lattes.

Let us dissect each of the 3 parts:

  1. The Eating Plan or The Diet. This part explains how toxins affect a person’s metabolism. It will also tell and discuss the benefits of detoxification.
  2. The Workout. Although it is just optional, it will increase your metabolism and expedite weight or fat-loss. This part also explains that exercise is not just about spending more time working out. It contains simple exercises that can be done by anyone.
  3. Mindset. Willpower and motivation are of the same importance as diet and exercise. The possible reason why so many weight-loss programs end up as failures is because the person might not be motivated enough to continue with the process.

Other than these 3 amazing guides to diet, exercise and willpower, you will also get extras or bonuses upon purchase. Here are 4 of them:

  • Ultimate Super Food Guide
  • Five (5) Detox Methods of Fabulous Celebrities
  • 100 Green Smoothie Recipes
  • Effortless Weight Loss Hypnosis (Audio)

What a way to maximize your purchase. When buying the Red Tea Detox program, you will not only get the Main Guide, you will also have a chance to get a hold of the three booklets, and the four bonuses. Customers from all over the world gave different Red Tea Detox reviews, expressing their contentment and satisfaction with the product overall.

To better understand how the Red Tea Detox work…

The Red Tea Detox works in three (3) phases. It starts with the optional tea cleanse period that will last for 3 days. It is then followed by the phases where it explains the importance of the liver, and discuss what things you can do to further make yourself healthier.

In each phase, you will be given set of healthy food you need to prepare each meal. You will also be guided as to when and how to eat. That way, you can achieve the extra burn from what we call intermittent fasting.

The Red Tea Detox diet is a low-carb high-fat food diet. Only about 30m grams a day of carbs and encourage saturated fats. Consuming food with high-fat content provided they are the right food will never cause weight gain.

After every meal, you have to drink the red tea. You will be required to drink 6 glasses of red tea a day. To make it more effective, this routine shall be repeated depending on the weight you wish to get rid of.

Is this program recommendable?

Based on the content of the program and how it was put, it is in no way a scam. With all the benefits, tips, guides, and reminders that it has, it’s safe to say that the program is really meant to help people balance their lives.

If you’re interested in what they have to offer, you can check their
to check for discounts, coupons, and promotions available. For just $17, you will gain the knowledge on how you can be healthy while not indulging yourself in tedious and time-consuming exercises.

Tons of different Red Tea Detox reviews can be seen on the net. If you think that this program is just another scam, there’s no harm in trying. Besides, they offer a 60-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee in the event that you find the program ineffective.